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Z Cheerful Citrus Basil - Vintage Lantern

"A calm mind is the gate to true happiness!"

A special scent blend of refreshing citrus and herbs designed to lift your spirits. Lemon lime, sweet basil and wild mint combine with floral scents and a woody amber to bring your mood to a calm and cheerful place.

Vintage ribbed glass lantern refracts the dance of the flame adding beauty to any room.

An inspirational message and jewelry surprise within a cute glass vial is in every candle.

Bonus: Printed elastic tie around the jar can also be used as a cute hair tie and bracelet.  

Happily hand poured in the USA!


Natural soy blend wax


Size: 20 oz

Approximate Burn Time: 90 hours

Shipping: 3 to 7 business days from ship date

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