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January 15, 2018 2 min read

Loss is always hard. Really hard. Recently a good friend lost her dad. Sadly I did not know him but thru my friend he has made an impact on my life. I lost my mom almost 14 years ago very suddenly and way too soon. Every loss of a parent or child hits me incredibly hard. It makes it fresh and new all over again. I have resisted going to memorial services until last week when I literally felt called. 

I woke up from a deep sleep.  I am telling you a voice told me, SHOW UP.  I did not want to go. I went, reluctantly with friends who shared similar stories as me, they too SHOWED UP. During the memorial my friend gave a beautiful talk about her dad and guess what words were most prominent in her speech. SHOW UP. Words she said she was called to write while her dad was in the hospital. No kidding. The memorial was amazing and heartfelt. What a man.

What a legacy he will carry on thru his kids, grand kids and all those that were fortunate to know him. I bet there were a 1000+ people at his service. Hundreds of fire fighters, blessed by his faith in God and all truly touched by this incredible man who inspired a huge community around him. I was blessed that day to get to know this man and to be very  inspired by him.

For 2018 my motto is SHOW UP. Thank you Tim and Carmi for pushing me to be a better person. For the not so subtle reminder to SHOW UP for others and to SHOW UP daily in life, for my family, in my faith, with my business, to be a part of my community and for those that may not know me. I hope to SHOW UP and be a inspiration to others thru my positivity and to hopefully make an impact on people's lives - maybe some I may not even know. 


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