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Pink Calcite


Pink Calcite. Sourced in Kongo these crystalized Pink Calcite are truly magnificent. Each piece is unique and sparkles in light. From light pink to hot pink tones each piece holds its own energy. Add this unique stone to your collection. Available with or without air plant

Pink Calcite
. well being. peace .love
. helps with anxiety, forgiveness, compassion +love
. helpful for trauma (break ups/grief), helpful for releasing emotions + coping
. helps clear negativity

*crystal meanings and healing properties are just included for informational purposes only.

Your purchase will include the following:

*a card telling you about your crystal & its healing properties
*guaranteed to make you smile and bring a happy feeling to your heart!

 NOTE: *This is an example crystal you will receive.  This is a natural product and every one varies and is unique. Crystal could be larger or a little smaller, each one is unique & beautiful,  colors may vary.