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Our Story

Lucky Air Plant + Crystals is our newest line that came from a love of air plants. Creator, Marci, bought a few and thought they were the cutest little things. She always wanted to do a business that had crystals in it. Marci's aunt, Jane Ann, was a healer and a pioneer with crystal healing. She played a special role in Marci's life and this business is based on her love and passion. We have combined the crystals and  new found passion for Tillandsia's (air plants) to create a really beautiful gift. We hope you enjoy our crystals and our little friends the air plants.

Marci's family thought it was hilarious that she was doing a business with live plants. They have always known her to kill every plant she have ever had. These little guys have a special place in her heart. Through lots and research and experimentation Marci has become an expert in air plant care and in turn is teaching others. Marci can be found talking  to her air plant friends, singing to them and caring for them. Marci loves these little guys  and we hope you will too. You will also find local collaborations and unique homemade gift items that will delight all the special people in your life. You may even find something special for yourself!  

Welcome to Lucky Air Plant + Crystals our newest division of Happy Brands.