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October 23, 2018 2 min read

When I started my business a couple of years ago I had no idea two years later I would be considered a plant lady or an expert at Tillandsia/air plant care. I do seem to have a special knack for it and I learn as much as I can so I can help others. You see.... it was not long ago my kids would ask me to grow a garden. Despite my best efforts, houseplants, gardens, Venus fly traps, cacti and succulents just could not seem to make it. Literally it became somewhat of a joke in the family and if someone gave me a plant we all knew what it’s fate would be. I’m not sure why except I kinda had my hands full, raising 3 kids , taking care of a dog, cat, fish, hermit crabs and lizards. I was a bit overwhelmed. Not to mention I had another business that kept me crazy busy and traveling many weeks of the year. Things have changed, I sold my business, my youngest is 17 and I have decided that I AM a plant lady. I fell in love with air plants four years ago and I was actually able to keep them alive and they started thriving! Everything shifted. I think the biggest change was me. I decided I could do this. Heck I kept 3 kids alive, I can take care of plants. Now I embrace plants & air plants and I have more time and patience to help them grow. I’m growing new plants from clippings, learning best care techniques for air plants and house plants, singing to my friends and have a very positive attitude about keeping them growing and thriving. I teach my customers how to care for their new friends. Kinda crazy. Friends - by changing your attitude you can switch up negativity to positivity. I know because five or six years ago if you asked me if I’d have a company selling plants I would have told you that was CRAZY. So crazy it just might work!Lucky Air Plant Marci founder

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