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Crystal Quartz Towers + air plant


 Introducing our chunky crystal tower points, straight from the mines of Madagascar! These beauties are hand-selected by our team and are packed with natural inclusions and rainbows that will make you swoon. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but they also pack a punch when it comes to healing benefits. Crystal quartz towers are known to amplify energy, promote clarity, and help to focus the mind. They are also said to be great for meditation and can help to balance the chakras. These chunky crystal towers are perfect for anyone looking to add some positivity and energy to their home or meditation practice.

Crystal Quartz
. perspective . communication . clarity
. amplifier of energy
. clarity & focus
. broadens horizons and perspective
. connection & communication
. clears confusion

*crystal meanings and healing properties are just included for informational purposes only.

*You purchase includes a card telling you about your crystal & its healing properties


This is the exact crystal you will receive, plant will differ