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Himalayan Salt Crystal + Air Plant


Beautiful Himalayan Salt Crystal with a lovely Tillandsia (air plant, yes it's real and yes it needs water, just no soil) attached with our custom designed air plant holster.

Himalayan Crystal - Mineral Salt

.grounds & centers
.said to bring abundance & prosperity
. used to release attachments
. great for workplace & getting rid of negativity

*crystal meanings and healing properties are just included for informational purposes only.

Your purchase will include the following:
*beautiful crystal and air plant
*instructions on how to care for your new friend
*a card telling you about your crystal & its healing properties
*darling box perfect for gifting                                                                                       *crystals larger than 4 1/2" will not have a gift box
*guaranteed to make you smile and bring a happy feeling to your heart!

 NOTE: *This is an example of the plant & crystal you will receive.  This is a natural product and every one varies and is unique. Crystal could be larger or a little smaller, each one is unique & beautiful,  colors may vary.