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Lucky Pocket Stones

Tiger Eye - energizing, inspiring, protection
Turquoise - trust, spontaneity, wisdom
Crystal Quartz chunky - communication, perspective, instinct
Smokey Quartz - protection, grounding strength
Orange Calcite - confidence, energizing, motivating
Selenite - clarity, honesty, instinct
Agate Geode- Decision, Harmony, Creativity

Keep the good energy and positivity close to you with these Lucky Pocket Crystals and Stones. Pick stones you are drawn to, ones you connect with. Those stones can help you manifest what you need.

Stones will vary from ones shown.

Price includes 1 stone.

Stones will be intuitively chosen from you.

Choose between 


Tiger Eye

Crystal Quartz

Smokey Quartz

Orange Calcite


Agate Geode


Buy 5 and 1 one surprise stone will be included FREE