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Pink Halite



Pink Halite is a type of crystal that is  believed to help with emotional balance and stress reduction, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace. This crystal is also believed to help with physical healing, fatigue, and insomnia. Pink Halite is also said to help with spiritual growth and can aid in the development of intuition and psychic abilities.

This specific Pink Halite was hand selected by Marci (our founder) from a miner in Death Valley, California, ensuring its high quality.

If you would like a plant added to your piece please mention at checkout and we will be happy to add one for no extra charge. 

*crystal meanings and healing properties are just included for informational purposes only.
* how to care for your new friend
*guaranteed to make you smile and bring a happy feeling to your heart!

 NOTE: *This is the exact crystal you will receive, plant may be different