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    Rough Fluorite and Air plant

    communication • perspective • clarity


    Fluorite in the buff. Rough unpolished Fluorite with amazing coloring going from purple to green. . Perfect for home or office this crystal will help be the perfect companion for peacefulness and help create a calm an nurturing space.

    . peace . bliss . calming
    . the rainbow keeper, clears confusion, helps to rediscover happiness
    . gives order to chaos
    . helps to see bigger picture
    . balancing and grounding

    *crystal meanings and healing properties are just included for informational purposes only.

    Your purchase will include the following:

    *a card telling you about your crystal & its healing properties
    *guaranteed to make you smile and bring a happy feeling to your heart!

    *air plant care guide and set up instructions

     NOTE: *This is an example crystal you will receive.  This is a natural product and every one varies and is unique. Crystal could be larger or a little smaller, each one is unique & beautiful, colors may vary.  Colors vary from darker green to purple, most have both purple and greens in them. They are all one of a kind. They are so beautiful.



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