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September 18, 2017 2 min read

I  had a very powerful moment yesterday. This weekend my Lucky Air Plant team and I were slammed for three days selling at Junk in the Trunk show when  a beautiful little momma and her darling daughter thoughtfully picked out a Lucky Air Plant + Citrine crystal. 

As I was checking them out and packaging up their purchase I remarked that it was the first Citrine I had sold to a little girl.  Most kids love the sparkly Geodes, rainbow like Chalycopyrite and  pink Rose Quartz.  Her momma told me she was getting it in remembrance of her dad who recently passed away. It moved me that they shared this with me.

I gave the little girl a small, bright purple, tiny, Amethyst that I almost left at home because I loved it so much. I had just put it out before they came to the booth. Amethyst  is a really lovely stone for healing, it was meant for this girl. I got super emotional and told her that I also had lost a daddy and was about to say my mom too but, just couldn’t. We all started crying right there in the middle of the chaos at Junk In The Trunk.

Connection. I think that is what is important for me about selling in person.  My Aunt was a healer.  She healed me with crystals and she healed me with an open heart.  I am hoping in some small way she is guiding me in this process. Yesterday I was sure.  I do not know everything about Crystal Healing but I do know an open heart and a belief that I may be able to help others  in some very small way is what I love best about my business.  I hope they know that I will be sending them good energy and healing vibes and prayers for a very long time.


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