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September 28, 2017 2 min read


A surprising thing has happened since I started Lucky a year ago this month. I always loved crystals but now paired with the living energy of my cute little air plants I find true joy in the crystals. As they say LOVE what you do. I really do.

One of the happiest parts of the business is seeing the joy on kids faces when I ask them if they like crystals. Nearly all of them say YES in a very high, jumpy squeelie way. I ask their parents if they can pick out a crystal from the kid box. This is fun for me too. I find the way to their hearts, and their mom and dad have a free moment to enjoy their day while their child finds a prized possession. 

I love creating future crystal hunters. I love seeing what treasure they find. I love telling them when they can't make a decision after an hour that maybe a Geode would be the right stone for them as one of its healing properties are helping with decisions. I love the questions I get from them,.I love the bargaining and crazy, amazing negotiating tools these kids use on me to get another crystal. I love teaching Entrepreneurship. I telling these kids you get the first one on me, the others you need to buy. I love it when a kid says "can I get two for $1.00" and then he continues to search and stay for another 20 minutes and finds five he can't live with out. I counter his offer and say how about 5 for $1. Happiness right there. Creating a passion and a love for something is awesome and if I can help a kid find a love for crystal treasures. I will chalk that up to a satisfying victory. 

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