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January 15, 2019 1 min read

Guys I’m here to tell you not to be afraid of aging. I am thoroughly embracing it. I wear what I love, I say what’s in my heart, and I don’t really care what others may say about me. I am 100%  embracing life, I feel more confidant and try to challenge myself daily to step outside of my comfort zone. Yesterday I went to #themanifestevent  put on by Anette De La Rosa  and I was reminded of several important items.

⭐️embrace goals like I’ve already achieved them

⭐️write goals down

⭐️spend time doing what you love

⭐️be clear with what you want to accomplish

⭐️don’t be driven by results!!!

There was so much more but today I am taking these and running with it! 

Something I absolutely love,  this outfit! It brings me complete joy. The skirt was a surprise from my youngest Dash,  made for me by my very talented friend Jen @em_ergeand the jacket is pure Marci by Classic Rock Couture & my Collaborate Don’t Hate shirt by Dazey LA reminds me ladies we are all in this together.

Hat band + most jewels by me! Special thank you to @imdahlidurley for the amazing images. 


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