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January 23, 2019 2 min read

The other day The Wall Street Journal had an article on grey hair being the hottest color around. They asked if it is a passing fad or a true revolution in our outdated notions of beauty. I’m not sure but I do get a lot of comments and questions about my hair. I can tell you I am blessed with tons of fine hair that grows like a weed! 5 years ago I stopped coloring and started embracing my grey. The grey started coming in very strongly and I was coloring all the time and way too often. (I did my own color for 15 years). During this period I started my hat obsession, hats helped the grow out process be a little easier. A year and a half ago we took about 5” off of the last remaining processed color and now it is 100% natural.  I had people criticize me and say I was too young to go grey, some said it made me look old, others were baffled why I wouldn’t want to stay blonde. I was slightly confused why anyone really cared.  Many cheered me on, including my friend + hair stylist Dina at Salon Kismet..  It was a long process! Now the texture and body of my hair is the best it’s ever been, it is longer than ever and the gray is all over. The super white/grey streak in front is my fav. Recently I have begun French braiding after washing and leave braids in 24+ hours to get the natural waves...a huge ode to my 80’s permed hair without all the nasty chemicals. I use organic texturizing spray and leave in conditioner to maintain this look for up to 3 days. I’m low maintenance and often don’t do anything to my hair and only wash it a couple times a week, especially if I’m just working in the studio.  I absolutely love my hair and plan on staying natural. To top it off I apparently have the natural color so many are trying to get and paying big bucks for! 


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